Mizpah rebuilds lifters,

lash adjusters, cam followers & rocker arms
"New Life

                           Rebuilt Lifters

for Cars, Trucks, Agricultural & Light Industrial

Rebuilt Lifters
of Precision Quality,
Competitively Priced

Rebuilding Lifters, Lash Adjusters, Cam Followers & Rocker Arms for

, Production, Classic & Antique
Engine Rebuilders Nationwide

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Phone 1-218 897-5922 or
e-mail for additional information!

Save your lifter core and
Ship Your Lifter Core to Mizpah    ship to:  

Mizpah Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
11522 Bartlett Avenue
Mizpah, MN 56660

You pay the freight on the core you send to us,
we pay the return freight on invoices over $100.00

The rate of return on your core depends on the condition of your core.

Rebuilt lifters
can be
subject to



Contact Us

e-mail us at:
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