Mizpah rebuilds lifters,

lash adjusters, cam followers & rocker arms
"New Life

                           Rebuilt Lifters

for Cars, Trucks, Agricultural & Light Industrial

Rebuilt Lifters
of Precision Quality,
Competitively Priced

Rebuilding Lifters, Lash Adjusters, Cam Followers & Rocker Arms for

, Production, Classic & Antique
Engine Rebuilders Nationwide

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Phone 1-218-444-3903 or
e-mail for additional information!

Save your lifter core and
Ship Your Lifter Core to Mizpah    ship to:  

Mizpah Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
1398 Carr Lake Rd SE
Bemidji, MN 56601

You pay the freight on the core you send to us,
we pay the return freight on invoices over $100.00

The rate of return on your core depends on the condition of your core.

Rebuilt lifters
can be
subject to



Contact Us

e-mail us at:
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